• Team Member | Marianella


    Head of Market Research

    Marianella is a bilingual MBA Graduate with Harvard Studies in Sales, Strategy and Entrepreneurial Essentials. She has acquired broad knowledge of the business environment from working with clients in numerous industries including automotive, agriculture, telecommunications, import/export, fashion/fabric, and technology. She applies her more than 16 years of experience in business development and consulting in strategy, management, business planning, business intelligence, marketing and sales to bringing on clients from businesses of all sizes from a wide array of industries, and delivering exceptional results.

  • Team Member | Gerald


    Vice President of Sales

    Gerald’s passion is helping startups and small- and medium-size companies get the funding they need through expertly crafted business plans. This passion serves him well in his role as VP of Marketing & Sales for the U.S. market. Gerald’s favorite part of the job is the discovery meeting where he learns all about his clients’ companies, their goals, and the funding that is required. He has helped numerous companies with SBA and bank loan business plans, investor business plans, investor presentations, and landlord presentations, raising over 50 million dollars in total.

  • Team Member | Matt


    Head of Advisory

    Matt brings 9 years of investment banking advisory and transactions experience to the Advisory team. He has advised over 40 clients across different industries and geographies. Matt is fluent in development project pre-feasibility and the life-cycle of transactions ranging from $10MM to $250MM and having led such transactions from valuation and deal structuring to distribution, capital raising and negotiation for a variety of corporations at different stages of their development.

  • Team Member | Eliana


    Vice President of Latin America

    Eliana brings her consulting background and experience to the service of Latin American investors coming to the United States through E2, L1, and EB5 visas, which serves her well in her role of VP of Business Development for the Latin American market.

  • Team Member | Nina


    Account Manager

    Nina has great expertise building and running sales organizations in the US and many countries in Latin America, as well as providing international project level consulting to leading companies. At Joorney, Nina develops and implements strategies and programs that improve results, and maximizes resources specialized in the field and inside marketing and sales development strategies.

  • Team Member | Sebastien


    Advisory Consultant

    Sebastien has extensive experience in financial services, providing international project level consulting to leading companies in the U.S., but also in France, Switzerland, and Spain. With proven expertise across many industries and outstanding market research skills, he assists clients in the most complex ventures to help them grow and raise capital in the U.S. with financial models, valuation reports, and pitch materials.

  • Team Member | Dairung


    Executive VP

    Dairung is devoted to helping people and businesses, and strives to find innovative solutions with empathy and effectiveness. At Joorney, Dairung works as a bridge for the Executive, Sales, and Operations team to implement process improvements and ensure quality, attentive care for all partners and clients. With her experience managing her own international distribution company for electronics and her academic training in International Relations, Dairung is a globalized entrepreneur. She is also fluent in English, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish.

  • Team Member | Benjamin


    Founder & CEO

    Ben worked in the fast-paced, super-creative world of commodities trading, an environment that does not leave a spare second for second guessing choices. One day, he decided to leave it all. He gave up his visa and financial security to follow a dream. And he did it without second guessing.

  • Team Member | Paul


    Director and Partner

    Paul manages a team of four US and international business development VPs. The team develops relationships with immigration attorneys and caters to clients’ business documentation needs. As a customer service mastermind, Paul makes sure that every partner and every customer that steps through the door gets sincere personalized attention.

  • Team Member | Ognjen


    Director and Partner

    Ognjen leads the entire operations team that includes 2 VPs, 8 Project Managers and 25 Business Plan Writers – all across 3 operations offices. With a passion for Excel tables and the tiniest of details, Ognjen and his team ensure that each deliverable is of outstanding quality and highly personalized. The team’s mission is to always have a remarkable and an ever-evolving product.

  • Team Member | Jonathan



    Jonathan is an expert strategic management controller with an international experience working in New York, Hong Kong, Paris, Miami, London and Montreal. Having always dreamed of living in Canada, he left France to enjoy the Canadian way of life, close to his values. Having experienced the immigration challenge in Canada, he got interested in the immigration path of the various international business people he met. Seeing a real shortfall in the writing of business plans, he started writing business plans for business immigration applicants, mixing his management control experience to his newly found business immigration passion. He gathered knowledge in the business immigration programs that Canada and its provinces offers and then decided to formally open Joorney Business Plans in Canada.

  • Team Member | Dmitriy


    Marketing Director

    Dmitriy is the Marketing Director and head of our Joorney Marketing Division. With years of marketing consulting and management experience along with his time building and managing his own Digital Marketing agency, Dmitriy brings our clients value through his ability to help with marketing strategy, planning, and budgeting.

  • Team Member | Dejan


    Marketing Operations Manager

    Dejan is an action oriented marketing professional with extensive expertise within many facets of Marketing. Throughout his career, Dejan has consistently demonstrated the ability to meet and exceed objectives, in fast-paced, highly competitive environments. Joorney takes massive pride in his strong work ethic, delivery of quality work and professionalism. Dejan's attention to detail and efficiency makes him an incredible marketing manager and helps streamline all organizational marketing implementation goals/needs.

  • Team Member | Connie


    Executive Manager of Administration

    Connie plans and directs all administrative and accounting functions at Joorney, including delivering human resource services to all colleagues and providing direct support to the CEO. She has consular office experience and an extensive background in managing business operations while building and implementing new processes. She applies this valuable skillset to crafting policies and procedures in order to streamline the HR, administrative, and executive functions among all of Joorney’s global offices. She also plays a vital role in hiring and project management. Connie holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with concentrations in Finance and Real Estate from Florida International University and a master’s degree in International Business Real Estate.

  • Team Member | Ana


    VP of Business Support

    Ana is an International Business graduate who has taken part in various entrepreneurship projects and start-up programs. She has also been an active participant in several humanitarian projects. In her role at Joorney, she deals with a broad scope of industries and innovative business ideas. Ana’s commitment to professional and personal development has led to her strong passion for processes and action plans, which serves her well in her current role. She enjoys multitasking, allowing her to truly thrive in this multinational environment. Ana is invigorated by new challenges – particularly those relating to the company’s expansion and client outreach.

  • Team Member | Tina


    VP of Operations

    Tina is a fully certified Chartered Financial Analyst with a master’s degree in investment management and quantitative finance from Cass Business School. Her background and experience have resulted in her being regarded as the resident financial expert at Joorney, where she supervises the operations team. Tina also personally manages various projects, helping countless clients successfully embark on their business ventures in the United States market.

  • Team Member | Nina


    Training and Development Manager

    Nina, a Bocconi University graduate, holds an International Economics and Management degree. She has extensive experience in the fields of financial consulting and business planning. She applies this expertise to supporting Joorney’s growth by developing customized internal training programs. With a passion for empowering motivated individuals and an inherent desire to share her knowledge, Nina relishes in mentoring new team members, helping them create comprehensive and effective business plans that impress clients, ensuring all projects are a success.

  • Team Member | Maria


    Project Manager

    Maria holds a Master of Science (MSc) Degree in Business Administrations. Prior to joining the Joorney team, she had over 15 years of experience in the banking sector, working for one of the biggest financial conglomerates in Latin America. She now applies her experience in her role as Project Manager, working directly with clients and attorneys to deliver high-quality projects. Her commitment to self-improvement makes her eager to help clients develop their projects and ensure they achieve their goals.

  • Team Member | Ana


    Project Manager

    Ana is a polylingual economic graduate with a commitment to excellence. As Project Manager, she primarily focuses on applying her skills and experience to clients from the Latin America market. At Joorney, she has been responsible for helping a wide variety of entrepreneurs fulfill their business visions in the United States.

  • Team Member | Dorothea


    Project Manager

    Dorothea brings a quantitative finance degree and a knack for problem solving to the Joorney team. She has guided clients through numerous projects, allowing them to turn their business ideas into tangible written concepts, business plans, and compelling pitch decks.

  • Team Member | Angela


    Project Manager

    Angela has an international management diploma, vast experience in project consulting, and a zest for research. This robust business background has allowed her to successfully manage a variety of U.S. projects. Previously, she worked at a development agency helping small businesses apply for government funding. In her position at Joorney, she guides clients through the business immigration world. During her time in these two roles, she has supported countless entrepreneurs throughout the world in achieving their goals. Angela’s favorite project recipe: a strong business model base sprinkled with a novel financial model.

  • Team Member | Karolina


    Project Manager

    Karolina brings a unique perspective to the finance-oriented project management team. She has a bachelor’s in Philosophy and a master’s degree in cultural policy and management. Even though she has a non-traditional background, she consistently brings the same amount of inventiveness, consideration, and precision as her peers. Building on years of immigration business plan writing experience, she now uses her knowledge to support clients as Project Manager.

  • Team Member | Sanya


    Project Manager

    Sanya is an accomplished business plan writer with well-rounded business experience. Throughout her years of handling countless immigration projects, she has become well-versed in the specifics of United States Immigration requirements. Her vast experience in teaching, marketing, business administration, as well as her thorough knowledge of economics and finance, allow Sanya to quickly obtain a deep understanding of each client's business. This sharp business acumen makes her a perfect fit for multiple types of business projects across a wide range of industries.